Monday, January 17, 2011

Canon vs Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Canon vs Nikon Digital SLR Cameras 
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My very first handle on DSLR, I was a bit sceptical. It was no doubt the Nikon I was given the chance to play around with (Thanks Inna & RJ) was producing great quality photos, it was my first time and I felt like a professional photographer already (in my opinion of course lol), but it was just too bulky and too many buttons to press and that its not the most convenient camera to walk around with. I mean its definitely not as handy as the credit card size point and shoot camera I'm used to. Plus, a point and shoot could have the same or even higher megapixel, just couldn't interchange the lenses or manually operate the settings, which to some are not very important (although now I know why).

I often hear a constant battle between which DSLR camera is better - Canon or Nikon? And of course if you own one or the other you will be somewhat bias and leaning more towards the camera you own. Well of course, the consumer better believe what they paid a ton of money on is the better choice, right? So which is better really?

I was lucky enough not to go through the headache of shopping for the best camera, thanks to my husband TJ, he got me my camera for my birthday two years ago. I own a Canon Rebel XS, although its an entry level camera it does wonders, well as long as you know how to use its great features you can produce awesome photos with it. Plus, its not just the camera that makes a great photo, the photographer plays a big part too. You could have spent a thousand dollars or more for a camera but if you don't know how to use it aside from the automatic settings then you basically wasted your money and should have just stuck to point and shoot, right? Unless, you are actually interested on learning every feature and settings of your camera and invest on other equipments in the long run, then spending too much on a DSLR you will use just like any other point and shoot will be same as flushing money down the drain.

So I encourage all of you who owns a DSLR to take some time to read your manual, there are many youtube video tutorials on how to use specific cameras, as well as text books to imrpove your photography skills. Here's a link to a self-pace PDF tutorial: Two Peas in  a Bucket 12 Week Tutorial

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