Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Capturing Life

I just recently developed a love for photography. It all started last year when we went back to our homeland for a vacation. My cousin's boyfriend owned a DSLR and I had the pleasure to shoot a few photos during one of our excursions. I guess my husband TJ noticed how much fun I was having, so he got me my very first DSLR camera for my birthday (a month after our vacation).

I started with just using the automatic functions, I was too afraid to play around with the manual modes. Until, someone told me where I can find a self-pace PDF DSLR photography lesson. Thanks to Two Peas in a Bucket for providing this class online. I was learning about different terms such as F-Stops, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and etc. next thing you know I barely use the automatic functions. However, I am still and will continue to learn. I have been practicing a lot and I will definitely post my progress on here.

Here's a few photos I took, following instructions from the photo class:

Learning f/stops or Aperture:

The first photo was taken using a really low f/stop (5.6) which focuses on a specific object which creates a blurry background.

The second photo is using a higher f/stop (10) notice how the lines
behind are more defined vs the first one, the background is a lot more

While, the 3rd photo has an f/stop (22) and as you can see everything is pretty much on focus.

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