Friday, August 06, 2010

Aren's 1st Birthday !!!

It is definitely fun to be one!
Aren with his Mom & Dad blowing the candle
At first when we walked in the clubhouse I thought to myself "is this a photographer's convention?" lol but its Aren's birthday party. His dad, Kryston,  is a photographer so thats a given aside from diaper bags he has camera bags with him to capture his little man's birthday. Aren's uncle and aunts are hobbyist (a blog term for DSLR owners who are  not professionals but are interested in photography) like me so there's about six DSLR cameras there just flashing away. If I was Aren I would be like "wow! this is what being a celebrity feels like." I was not able to take tons of pics but I was able to capture a few good ones. Kryston gave me the chance to try out his external flash and it is AWESOME!!! and I want one like NOW! But I still need to save up for it. The lighting is so much better and I was shooting on MANUAL mode which I always get so nervous to use. The photos came out great in my opinion, check it out for yourself:

The Birthday Boy!!!
Look at those long eyelashes

Balloons are always fun
Party Favors!

My husband TJ posing for the camera
I love this shot! Aren showing Carlo, my brother in law something.
"Aren, wanna come with me?" Carlo, "uuummm should I?" Aren
Ruth's pretty daughter Jade

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