Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Love Your Shot! Link-Up Entry

I have been wanting to participate on I Heart Faces Photo Contests but never had the time and worst of all the confidence to make an entry. Now, I think I built up enough courage and Love That Shot! ( is doing a Favorite Face Photo contest, which I found through I Heart Faces.

I have been following I HEART FACES and witnessed how many people out there have such great talent on photography and most refuse to be called professionals but base on their work they might as well be. Some entries are from hobbyist (non-professional) like me who never in a million years thought of becoming a Photography enthusiast, until my husband bought me my very first DSLR for my birthday two years ago. Point and shoot and that's about it, now I often delay posting my pictures to share because I have to scan through them first and make sure the ones I'm sharing are worth looking at lol, when I go on automatic mode I feel like I'm cheating lol. I do minor editing since I really don't want to manipulate the photo too much.

You know what they say once you go DSLR you never go back : ) I still have lots to learn, and I HEART FACES ( contribute a lot to my knowledge in photography.

Here's my "Love Your Shot" Favorite Face: This is a photo of my baby niece that I took when she turned 11 months old two days ago. This photo was taken using my Canon Rebel xs with a lens kit (18-55mm) with Image Stabilizer. She's super cute and moves so fast that I just kept my camera on Shutter Priority (TV) so I can keep up with her. ( f/5 with flash on at 1/200 ISO 400) I processed it on Lightroom 2 for some minor editing and to add a boarder.

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