Tuesday, November 23, 2010

IHF - My Dogs Ate My Homework! Paper Challenge

So I Heart Faces had a Paper photo challenge this week and I had the brightest idea! until I realized although I have faces in my photo they not HUMAN faces (IHF photo challenges must have a human face in it, unless they specify that the particular challenge does not require it), so I disqualified my photos before I even decided to enter it in the weekly contest. 

Anyways, I thought they are so cute its worth sharing. 

Special thanks to Shadow and Mouschkie for being my impromtu models, too bad their cute little faces won't qualify for the contest but they are winners to me : )

Shadow contemplating if he should eat my homework lol

This would have been my entry and the title would have been "My Dog Ate My Homework"


This was another potential entry for the Paper Challenge again titled "My Dogs Ate My Homework"

This is the behind the scene shot thats why its blurry. We took away the treat right before I took the shot so they would be interested on the notebook : )  

I had a great time taking their pictures, its too bad I can't enter it in the contest. This was a last minute photoshoot and could not tell you what setting I was using without looking at the photo properties, I know I used a lot of Shutter Priority modes and also used Aperture Priority with high f/stop and high ISO to avoid using the Flash. I was so excited with the idea and overwhelmed with the doggies having too much energy for the treats I was giving them, Treats =  compensation (talent fees) for their services. 

Please enjoy viewing them and don't forget to leave a comment below. Ciao Ciao!!!


  1. I LOVE them!! Too bad you couldn't enter one of them in the contest. The 4th one with all the doggies is my fav. Great work:)