Friday, December 17, 2010

It has been a while...

I could not believe how busy I have been this past couple of weeks, I could not even update my blog. I am definitely getting some practice on my photography skills. As you all know I enrolled at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts for 5 weeks of Photography 101. It is paying off pretty well, I am learning a lot and actually being able to apply it on my photo sessions, I've been holding for some of my family and friends. Here's what I have been busy with:

11.20.10 I was given a great opportunity to photograph Emie & Jose's little girl Emma. She is such a cutie and a natural. We met up at Al Lopez Park near Raymond James Stadium for an hour and half photo session. Its Emma's Christmas Pictures. Although it was taken at a park and no Christmas props, she is still dressed for the holiday. I found it very easy to photograph an active child at the park because they are having fun and preoccupied which gives me great opportunities to snap some natural emotions. Plus, they don't get bored, they are constantly smiling and have a glow in their face. The one thing that challenged me though is their fast movements, I had to make sure I was ready for any cute memorable shots. Best of all is the Natural lighting and shades I got that day, it was just perfect. I barely did any touch ups. 

11/28/10 Pennie, Margie, & I had a great time photographing my former boss Stormy, Rob, her Mom, Max & Seven. We were the 1...2...3... Paparazzis lol. We got some great shots of the family. We surely need to work on coordinating our shots so we don't have each person looking at different cameras though. Other than that we were able capture some angles that one might have missed but definitely caught by the other. Here's a sneak peak:

12/01/10 I took some pictures of the Rabren Family in Wesley Chapel. It was a beautiful day. We went to a walking trail inside their neighborhood. I love the trees surrounding us, it really gave my shots a "middle of the forest" feel. They have family in Germany where the weather is probably a few degrees below ours so it will give them the warm feeling while viewing their photos. I was very pleased with how the pictures came out (again very little touch ups) and The Rabren's agreed, here's a sneak peak:

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